Piston Gauge

Piston Gauge

Standard Manufacturing Program

Pressure Generation : Direct via Ram Screw
Standard Parameters : Gravity: 9.80665 m/s²
Temperature: 23º C
Air Density: 1.2 kg/m³
Weight : 20 kg for base machine
Operating Fluid : Di-Octyl Sebacate (DOS)
Piston Material : Tungsten Carbide
Internals MOC : Mainly SS, Brass, Aluminum
Weights : Austenitic Stainless Steel
Overall Range : 1-1400 bar
No. of Pistons : Two (Dual Piston Type)
Low Pressure Range : 1-70 bar
High Pressure Range : 20-1400 bar
Accuracy : 0.008% of rdg.
Standard Accessories : Set of Weights in Carry Box
Set of adaptors: (1/8", 1/4", 3/4", 1/2") BSP
Instruction Manual
Set of Spare Seals
Calibration certificate as per quotation 1/2 liter of operating fluid
Oil temperature sensor
Displacement sensor system
Fractional masses for fine readings
Piping for cross floatation
Constant volume valve
Hydraulic pump for generating pressure

Download Technical Datasheet

Download Datasheet

Other Options: For motorized machines, substitute suffix 'A' with 'B'.

Eg.: If you want model REW 205HAO/1 but with motor, ask for REW 205HBO/1

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