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Yantrika Instruments Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly Ravika Engineers) is a Gurgaon based rapidly growing professionally managed company. The Company, over the last 40 years has earned the excellent reputation as a trusted brand for manufacturing premium quality process instruments and process calibrators like pressure and temperature gauges, dead weight testers, pressure calibrators and temperature calibrators. 


Yantrika Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is synoymous with Quality Control and very strict testing and calibration standards. They have undertaken a consultancy project with National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi for establishment of Calibration lab for Dead Weight Testers and pressure gauges as per international standards. The machines used for production and testing are of the highest quality and reliability.


The company's philosophy is utmost customer satisfaction by providing quality products and after sales service and continuous upgradation and improvements in the product line, equipment and procedures.


Their Q.A. people have received extensive training from NPL and the master Dead Weight Tester manufactured by us has been characterised and certified by them. The uncertainty of measurement associated with the master manufactured by them is now between 20 PPM  and 50 ppm at a coverage factor of k = 2 which translates to accuracy of + 0.002%.YIPL is a pioneer and still the only one in India to manufacture testers of accuracy level of + 0.006% with motor rotation and water operation as optional. The company regularly upgrades and customizes the products as per various application and quality standards. It has a team of experienced, skilled and dedicated workers with qualified Q.A. and Instrument Engineers supervising them.

Producing the Highest Quality Work

We are the leading manufacturers of Process Instrumentation and Calibration Equipment. These include Pressure measuring instruments; Pressure, temperature & vacuum gauges, Dead weight testers, Pressure calibrators and Temperature controllers.

Over 40 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.