Digital Manometer

Digital Manometer

Technical Specification

YDPMR is Ultra Low Power Microprocessor controlled, accurate and versatile Digital Pressure Measuring Instrument. YDPMR have state of the art customized large character display showing pressure with Units, Low Batt, min, max.

YDPMR is very easy to use and you will never get lost in a multilevel menu system in fact you may never need to open the operation manual.

Standard Features:

  • Display : 8 X 2 Dot matrix display showing various parameters like pressure units & low Battery.
  • Pressure Media: Dry non corrosive instrument quality air only
  • Pressure Connection: Two nozzles one for high & one for low suitable for 4 X 2.5 mm & 4 X 6 mm PU tube.
  • Accuracy: ±0.1% of f.s.
  • Power: 9VDC (1.5 V X 6No.s) dry alkaline cells.
  • Battery Life: Approx.110 hrs. Continuous. Instrument will go in to POWER SAVE mode if no key is operated for 20 min. To restart again operate ON/OFF switch again.
  • Enclosure Size: 80 mm (W) X 35 mm (D) X 150mm (H)
  • Pressure Unit: mmWC, Pa, KPa, MPa, inHg, inWC, kg/cm², psi, bar, mbar, mmHg.


Model Range Resolution
YDPMR00100 0 to100 mmWC 0.01 mmWC
YDPMR00200 0 to 200 mmWC 0.01 mmWC
YDPMR00500 0 to 500 mmWC 0.01 mmWC
YDPMR01000 0 to 1000 mmWC 0.1 mmWC
YDPMR0101 -1 to 1 bar 0.1 mbar / 1 mmWC
YDPMR0102 -1 to 2 bar 0.1 mbar / 1 mmWC
YDPMR0103 -1 to 3 bar 0.1 mbar / 1 mmWC

Download Technical Datasheet

Download Datasheet

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